August 9, 2022

21 thoughts on “Innoson Set to Slash ‘Keke’ Price to ₦300,000

  1. God bless Innoson. God bless least, this will alleviate poverty to some extent and people will be to do businesses all over with small funds. I hope all other wealth Nigerians can follow such step.

    1. Almighty God will give you people opportunity to do so,it will be a wonderful.

  2. This is a great relief, and may God continue to bless you and your company.

  3. This is indeed a good one. And I see no reason why Nigerian government ain’t using IVM as official cars. We need to promote our own.

    1. Yes , Nigeria must survive . hmmmm, provided our national assembly accept it, ’cause they’ve show us theirs body languages, if you can remember, the other day about supply of innoson motor to them, which was rejected. There’s God oooo

    1. Nice development.

      Please, is this the only type of Keke available? How about the other type that carries load?

  4. Innoson is revolutionary in thinking, tenacious in approach and truly Nigeria at heart. Send me a mail on I will assist you promptly if you need access to Innoson Keke thank you!

  5. I so much like to book for the IVM keke if possible to book for 2 keke or more at a time.

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