December 4, 2022

10 thoughts on “Anambra Person of the Week: Prof. Poly Emenike, MD, Neros Pharmaceuticals LTD.

  1. This is awesome. Am confident that he will equally emerge Anambra person of the month and more.

    Congratulations to this rare breed entrepreneur cum academic.

  2. Dr.Poly Ike Emenike has always been enigma as far as I am concerned. He is a man that had long surpassed all expectations given his humble beginnings. Prof. Is also a man i know up close and very personally. Matter of fact, he raised me and, since i grew up in the world to know him as my big brother, i have been in awe of him and his lifestyle. What with his mamba spirits, a go-getter like no other, indefatigable as they make’em, honest to the core, brilliant, debonair, urbane, professionally tailored to suit, a prolific writer, a humble man, family oriented, philantropist of immense exception, a motivational speaker per excellence, sports afficonado(testaments abound….cue: Neros Stadium Nanka), a respectable gentleman.

    PROF.Emenike is my idol, my hero….wondering why that is? Well, his CV says it all. His body of work speak volumes.
    Here is a man from humble beginnings, raised in abject poverty however, like a phoenix he rose from the ashes and blazed the trails. Respects!!

    I salute your unwavering spirit. I salute your courage. I salute your philantropic spirits. Above all though, i am happy that our paths crossed in life by way of blood. Lots and lots to stilll learn from a sage like you.

    Keep going brother. The Lord is and, will always be your strength. Alutá Continuá; vitoria ascértá!!

    1. Wow. What an intimidating credentials. A silent achiever, a leader of men, and a quiet philanthropist.
      May God bless him abudantly for his numerous contributions to humanity.

  3. I am Emeka’s friend from Canada.
    He told me how mentored him and inspired him to make something of himself.

    I salute you sir.

  4. Congratulations Prof Poly Emenike. You have remained a shining light and mentor to me and many youths of Anambra State. May the good Lord continue to shower you with His blessings and grant you more laurels.

  5. Congratulations Prof. Poly Emenike, on your incredible success. You toiled so hard to attain such greater heights. I remembered vividly, how you use to study in that your small library in Canal House 16years ago… through your humble beginning and determination you have achieved your goal in life. Your perseverance is an inspiration to everyone you meet. Indeed my family will forever be grateful for everything you are to us. Congratulations Prof.Poly Emenike more wins…

  6. A complete gentleman and a great achiever. My friend, Emeka Ibeamalu has always spoken so greatly about him but that is beside the point.
    The point is that this great son of Nigeria defied all odds, rolled up his sleeves and pulled himself himself by his boots strips out of the shackles of ignorance and poverty.
    He is a living example of courage, vision, and determination. Besides his personal achievements, he has continued to touch lives and inspire many.
    We pray that God will continue to preserve him to continue to inspire humanity.
    God bless you sir 🙏

  7. Prof Poly Ike can simply be described as a noble colossus. He is indeed a man of uncommon wisdom, intelligence and aptitude. His professionalism and ardent love for education has not only brought him to limelight but has also engraved his name on gold.

    With these sterling and outstanding qualities of Prof Poly, I am not surprised that Uncle Emeka Ibeamalu (another gentleman of the finest blend through whom I got to know Prof) speaks about him with so much passion and affection.

    Moderately speaking, many people with a humble beginning as his would give reasons why such a feat is not achievable. Yet, the academic doyen has risen beyond his initial obstacles and setbacks to a pinnacle meant only for the strong-willed.

    In sum, while I salute his perseverance, doggedness, assiduity and tenacity, permit me to add that his well deserved appointment has proved that hard work and conscientiousness will always be rewarded irrespective of how long it takes.
    Hearty Congratulations, Prof.

  8. My bossom friend, Emeka Ibeamalu broke this inspiring news of Dr. Poly Emenike’s recent elevation to professorship by the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. To be honest, this cheering news did not come as a surprise to me. I have known Dr Poly Emenike since 1981, and have been an ardent admirer of his indomitable spirit and dogged determination to succeed in any chosen endeavour. Uncircumscribed by his poor background he strove against all odds to attain these enviable and lofty heights both in business, and the academia. His predilection and uncommon zeal for the academics have been well rewarded with his recent appointment. Eminent philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, remarked, most brilliantly, that,” nothing is impossible for the willing heart”. Dr. Poly Emenike’s sterling accomplishments are a testament to what the human spirit can attain, and will remain an inspiration for many of our youths who are fast loosing hope. We’ll done Odenigbo!

  9. My bossom friend, Emeka Ibeamalu broke this inspiring news of Dr. Poly Emenike’s recent elevation to professorship by the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. This cheering news did not come as a surprise considering Dr. Emenike’s dogged determination to succeed in any chosen endeavour. His story is a perfect example of one who rose from “rags to riches”. Uncircumscibed by the excruciating financial difficulties in his family, he ventured into trade and commerce where, at a very young age he started an import business. The remarkable success he achieved did not deter him from pursuing his life-long academic ambition. As someone who has known Dr. Emenike for over thirty years, I sincerely salute his indomitable spirit, his courage, perseverance, and, work ethic. His life’s story reminds one of the words of eminent philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said “nothing is impossible for the willing heart”. This uncommon achievement both in the business world and the academia, will, undoubtedly, inspire many mortals of his generation.
    I salute you, Odenigbo!

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