June 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “Chinua Achebe’s Son Bags Award in Medicine in US

  1. Anambra state is truly the light of not only the Lugardian empire called Nigeria by the British but also that of the entire Africa and now Anambra is shining the light for the whole world as well. Our strives towards excellence are lucid attestation to the innovative nature of the IBO. However,we cannot reach our full potentials as IBO generally while in chains,in bondage and subjugation. We need freedom to reach our desired sublime goals. Congratulations to you ACHEBE and a very 💓 thanks for making us proud! Once more BRAVO!!!

  2. A good one indeed. Anambra State, Ndi Igbo will always braze the trail in global feat and success. Congratulations Chidi Nwa Chinua Achebe.

  3. There was the myth, down here we thrive in it, that his father, late Chinua Achebe, wanted to study medicine. There is another, that the prolific Chimamanda was brought up in the same apartment where Chinua Achebe occupied as a lecturer at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Right or wrong, I will still say, ‘like father, like son’; the Achebes continue to make us proud! May the good Lord continue to guide him. Amen!

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