March 23, 2023

46 thoughts on “Soludo Approves 60 Percent Cut-Off Mark For Teachers’ Recruitment

  1. Pls is there no was of below 60 can consider and be given another job
    Maybe in agriculture
    Cos I score 56

  2. Pls is there no was of below 60 can consider and be given another job
    Maybe in agriculture
    Cos I score 56

  3. Please show us our score
    I didn’t see my score
    Please can you publish the comprehensive scores so that we will see our scores and know if we fall within the cutoff

    1. Sir, please consider us, I scored 54 with education certificate and TRCN,

      1. AT AFRITECH,three questions were incorrect.pls Excellency,use it as bonus to make it up for those that scored below 60.

    2. Show us our scores because I didn’t see mine and I really don’t know my stand right now,, please Mr commissioner help us to publish the results
      God bless you

  4. Please what about those that was not opportune to write this last exam, what will be there faith?

  5. Pls sir I scored 55and i studied Igbo language in school sir please consider me pls

  6. I scored 53 please help us sir, I studied Educational Accounting, my system was very bad that day, consider us, please.

  7. His Excellency, Pro. Charles Soludo, our dearest Governor,
    My able commissioner, Pro. Ngozi Chuma Udeh, we are very grateful for the opportunity to participate on Anambra State teachers recruitment exercise that just ended. We plead that the cutoff mark should be reduced to 55% and above🙏🙏
    The time frame was very short.

    1. Ifionu chioma Juliana,l scored 55 teaching in private school since 20years,I have Gradell,NCE,and all in education.please consider
      us his excellency from 50% upwards

      1. I scored 56 due to time is not ok I have NCE am a young widow please sir consider

  8. Please His Excellency, I scored 53. And I studied ENG. Please consider what we suffered and what we passed through on the exam days, the rain,sun,pushing, injuries. Please reduce the cut off mark to 50 above.

  9. My able Governor,pls I score 54,I came from far north to write this exam.i studied economics and Igbo language ,pls consider us,I spend 40k on transportation to come for this exam,pls consider us

  10. please my amiable governor sir, please consider those who scored 50 and above because adding to my 8months pregnancy I went through serious stress and still undergoing treatment.Meanwhile, I have been teaching as a PTA teacher for 2years now while waiting for this Golden opportunity! with all do respect please harken to my plea.

  11. Indeed the stress was much and the computer systems were not working properly and I couldn’t finish the questions. Please they should consider us, I scored 50

  12. Sir, to make this as transparent as possible, just put the cut off to 50% then use something else like credentials and TRCN as another means to screen people out so it will be as free and fair coz even those without education also applied and the exam was not based on area of Specialization its just those in science and languages that are favoured. Those in arts and commercial course are just left in the hands of God. So cut off from 50% and use other means to still cut off

  13. I was transferred from IDK to Unizik and after writing,I saw my score as 67 but going through the list my name came out with 46 as my score.Pls help me look in this issue.Thank you so much

  14. What about us they gave 20 minutes to write the first exam and I scored 44 and the cut off mark is 50

  15. Sir please consider me because Grafil failed me as I couldn’t write the exam

  16. I wished there should be a seat on this cutoff mark to a percentage pass mark which is 50%

  17. My elder sister has been sick since December 2021, although she is fit now , by God’s grace. She scored 63 in the first CBT and 58 in the second one. I felt her pain when she lamented over the phone that, in her exam centre, AFRITECH, Nnewi, 3 of their questions were not in order.
    She cries bitterly that the above reason could be what resulted to her score. She possesses the TRCN registration and she has 7 years teaching experience.
    His Excellency, Sir, kindly consider those that scored up to 50, as they are on the average. Look into their academic qualifications and experience. It is one thing to have acquired knowledge, and another thing to impart it. With the nature of the questions I gathered that was used for this recruitment exercise, we may likely end up with newly graduated individuals who may be very current in certain subjects, but lack the teaching skills. Experience is paramount in teaching.
    I am a professional Nurse with 11 years experience, I had worked as a clinical instructor with a federal school of nursing in the South East, and I can beat my chest and say that , experience in teaching leads to mastery. .
    Kindly bring the cut off mark down to 50, consider their experience and educational qualifications. Many thanks.

    Chidinma Jane Uzo-Okoye
    From West Midlands
    United Kingdom

  18. Pls our able governor, there are alot of impersonators in this last exam, one person wrote for 5 to 10people in a centre and scored higher, I plead u organize another exam dat will take place at d same time like JAMB so dat there will be no room for impersonators again. With this u can achieve d best candidate for d job.

  19. The cut off mark is too high 60 percent, look at other states in Nigeria there cut off mark used to be 40 and 35. It is not fair, he should consider those that score 50 and above

  20. his Excellency sir, the right solution Governor of anambra state ,my able commissioner and respected members of the house, high regards. I am in the person of Nwogbo maryjane ogochukwu writing from ozegu village in orumba north lGA of anambra state.My thought over the second round cutoff mark are: (1) you should kindly consider those who scored 50 and above due to some circumstances behind this exam days; the rain, the pushing and the long standing which affected some candidates expecially the pregnant women which I am among.(2) in order to make this recruitment free and fair; consider those with average mark with which most born teachers fell within. l myself , Iam a holder of nce,tcrn, and 9years teaching experience . I know how things are in this country but in educational realm and all round aspect. I believe if this born teachers are given the opportunity to impact more ona our children, there will be massive cognitive and behavioral changes in our state and entire federation at large.thanks in anticipation.Nwogbo maryjane ogochukwu.

  21. sir my mum has been unhappy ever since this second cutoff mark is out, please kindly employ me for me to wipe her exam code: an/TR/22/18317.

  22. I scored 58 due to system problem I experienced at unizik , the question is not hard like that because the cbt system problem that i encountered. (but there is some errors on some questions especially mathematics e.g log28+log216-log24 which the answer supposed to be 252 but the answer is not in the options). I scored 77 on the previous one. I am Geography and Mathematics teacher with TRCN certificate . Please Sir, consider some factors and reduced to atleast 55% as the cut off, because some of this higher scores were obtained through mercenary. Thanks and God blessing to you all. Mbaebie Udoka S

  23. Sir please why not reduced the cut off mark to 50% a lot of us here like me my life depend on this work please consider us and let the cut off mark be 50% 🙏😢😢.

  24. your excellency sir please consider 50 or 55℅ as the cutoff Mark. the nullification of the recent PTA teachers appointment affected me. I scored 61 in the previous exam and 56 in the last exam. I have B.ed in Guidance and counselling, TRCN and also NYSC certificate. please I am pleading on behalf of the PTA teachers we have laboured a lot. please wipe our tears and the good Lord we serve will reward you.

  25. Please clarify me on the official cut off mark, please consider those that have 60 and above as officially announced, not cutting off anyone.

  26. I heard that the cut off mark was further raised again from 60% to 65%. If I may ask, how true is this rumour? If this is done. It’s really unfair.

  27. I heard that the cut off mark was further raised again from 60% to 65%. If I may ask, how true is this rumour? If this is done. It’s really unfair.

  28. Excellence Sir, looking at the first ICT examination it was primary base questions. I suggest you used the test to select those that are good to go for primary school section. You can cut off at 65. Thanks and remain bless

  29. Please my digital governor and digital commissioner, it’s nice working with the both of you but please give me the opportunity to participate in the next level I score 58%.consider us it just 2 mark’s please make it 55% cutoff for oral Interview and micro teachings.for you to find out those that really Van really gives you what you want.atleast those that’ know about specific objective, techniques,Instructional aids, Entry behavior,set induction, teaching procedure..both teachers and pupils activities, Summary and Evaluations think of these.if not that my computer has fault I would have done better.i studied Pes/English with Trcn certificate

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