April 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “OMAA, Anambra’s Second Automobile Plant Setting the Pace with Gas-Powered Buses in Nigeria

  1. It is a welcome development that Anambra has poised herself as automobile destination in Nigeria. I really pray that other facets of tech would follow suit.

    However, I am not too comfortable with gas run vehicle, seeing that Dangote invested heavily in gas powered trucks, and we saw most of those trucks in flames. More so, the gas is not economically efficient than PMS .

    1. You are wrong there. The gas used for these vehicles is not the normal LPG cooking gas but CNG (Clean Natural Gas) which is lower in density and less combustible than LPG.
      This form of gas eveporates into thin air once exposed than LPG which will mix with the oxygen in the air to cause disastrous fires.

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