June 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “Everyone’s Obituary is Inevitable, Chuks Iloegbunam Replies Omatseye

  1. History and the Internet are not very good friends of desperate but forgetful politicians. To Journalist Omatseye, Nigeria does not matter, Lagos does. Good governance does not matter, but BAT does. Remember: it is appointed unto men but once to die and after that judgment.

  2. It is unfortunate that the Igbos have decided to play victim in the politics of Nigeria, quite analogous to the Jewish people and state that consider all criticism of anything Jewish as antisemitism. I read the article of @samomatsheye and apart from the title which I consider insensitive, I see the article as a true reflection of the behaviour of Obi’s supporters as very intolerant of contrary views or the questioning of their principal’s claims. Just check twitter.

    I was inclined to vote for Peter Obi, but I think politically the igbo support is making him less appealing. Behaving in an entitled manner, like Obi has an exclusive right to be president.

    The man himself, I think is politically naive and politically lazy. After 2019, a serious politician would have started galvanising his followers for a 2023 bid. But what did he do? He was silent, no activity, no advocacy and no politi al presence. 2022 he presents himself at the PDP convention I’ll prepared.

    1. This sounds like the broken record of having/ not having structure(s).
      I am just wondering how long it took PMB, who has been preparing since this democracy started in ’99, to present a cabinet after he won in 2015…
      still just wondering whether being capable means the same as being desperate

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