April 1, 2023

4 thoughts on “Anambra @30: 30 MOST INFLUENTIAL FAMILIES IN ANAMBRA

  1. Orajaka family in Akpo Aguata LGA is omitted. Prof. Stephen was the first Igbo man to obtain London matriculation in old Awka Division and the first Nigeria to obtain a degree in geology,the first Igbo professor of geology. Prof Ifeanacho Orajaka former V,C COOU Engr Gody , Dr ugochukwu. Engr Ifeanyi a guru in solar energy and others

  2. This is a great resource for family libraries and schools in Anambra State.
    These posted families are role models worthy of emulation. Ezi Afa Ka Ego !

  3. How about okeke family in ihiala, G. Okeke wasthe first commissioner of education (federal)… That piloted the establishment of Abbot boys and girls secondary School, Muoneke family from isseke, odimegwu family from ihiala, orjiakor family from uli. Do your research very well, because ihiala local government have some notable individuals that made Anambra state what they are today

  4. You omitted the IDIGO family of Aguleri. They have the longest surviving Royal Dynasty in Igbo land and rules Aguleri exclusively to this day. The role of the family in the spread of the Catholic Church and Christianity in Igbo land is legendary and recognized by the church and historians. They produced the first Nigerian to win the Commonwealth Price in journalism, the first Nigerian to be the chief accountant of Nigeria Railways, the first Nigerian to be the Chief Medical officer in Northern Nigeria, and many others. There are over 1000 people with the surname Idigo and they are from Aguleri.

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