September 27, 2023


  1. Fence off all the markets in Anambra state, arrest and prosecute anyone that contravenes the extant laws on street trading.

    1. Security of lives and properties around the nooks and crannies of the state should be too notch. This should be followed by prompt and proper maintenance of roads, properties of the state as well as renumeration of civil servants. Everyone knows what’s good. Let me no exhaust it

  2. The major road going through Agbiligba-Nanka to Aguluzoigbo has been awarded several times in the past but nothing done at all. And also so many other bad roads in Nanka.
    That road is in a very bad condition

    Amawbia-Ekwulobia-Uga and Ekwulobia-Nnobi roads are too busy to be a single roads. A lot of accidents on these roads
    They should be dualized.

  3. Soludo for me should first of all ban thuggery in any form, especially in Onitsha, and devise a more decent and civilized ways of revenue collection. These touts are actually shortchanging the Govt, since they return only a fraction of what they extort from people.
    Secondly, he should work on roads, most of the roads in Anambra at the moment is messy.
    In addition, I will also like him to empower the youths, provide soft loans for start ups, and also appoint a enough youths into his government.
    Finally, let him also improve security of lives and properties in Anambra, we are gradually losing out in terms of security.

  4. Let the governor first of all wipe out streets of touts and illegal revenue collectors. The state is highly unsecured by this boys.
    Let him start there first let’s have peace of mind in this state.

  5. To make awka town look like a befitting state capital. Currently awka is not a liveable city. Gov. Obiano failed woefully in the area of rural and urban development. Gov. Obiano is the biggest regrets for ndi Anambra. Security is only on the pages of newspapers and we have Substandard infrastructures everywhere. Tufiakwa and God forbid.

  6. I want our new Gov, to build about 10 million shop in different parts of Anambra state for our youths so that they will exhibit their skills, do you know in ALABA INTERNATIONAL MARKET, ASPMDA PLAZA, LADIPO MARKET, OSHODI MARKET, IDUMOTA MARKET AND BALOGUN MARKET WE HAVE MORE THAN 3million youths looming around no shop only in Lagos, many of them in prison because of one crime or another. We can have other types of main MARKET, Ochanja, Ose, Mgbuka,Electricals, mechanic villages , industrial warehouses, I am assuring this will engage our youths. I want to tell you we have so many good technicians among our youths that are ready to showcase their skills. I stop for now more to come.

  7. While welcoming the Governor elect, on behalf of Onitsha GRA phase 2 Akpaka, l wish to draw your attention to deplorable condition of our roads. During Gov. Obi’s tenure roads were constructed without asphalt before he handed over to Giv. Obiano. Unfortunately the community was forgotten through out Gov. Obiano’s stay and the roads became too bad. We are calling on Gov. Soludo to come over to Akpaka in Onitsha North local government to help us.

  8. Akpaka road was abandoned by Peter Obi after making us to pay between 500k and 700k for mandatory C of O and over #100million that was realized was not used to do the road. Obianp came also with his promise that if we vote for him, he would do the road, but he never did it up to the end of his 8 years tenure. Akpaka people voted are not happy for the gross neglect. We therefore call on our Governor Elect, Prof. C. Soludo to come to our rescue and wipe our tears.

  9. Akpaka road was abandoned by Peter Obi after cajoling us to pay between 500k and 700k for mandatory C of O and over #100million that was realized was not used to do the road. Obiano came also with his promise that if we vote for him, he would do the road, but he never did despite our overwhelming vote for him. This neglect persisted up to the end of his 8 years tenure. Akpaka people are not happy for the gross neglect. We therefore call on our Governor Elect, Prof. C. Soludo to come to our rescue and wipe our tears.

  10. We are almost going to a level o lawlessness in d society . personally I wish the governor can tackle the insecurity challenge in the state and youths restiveness.Also the stop the increased rate of rituals and internet fraudsters.Anambra people are known for hardwork and wisdom.We the Anambrarians are positive thinkers,so I urge the governor to set up an Anambra owned business empire.whete every person from the state will be represented.Also the task of the state should be electronically collected and no getting into the hands of touts the miscreants.Pls your excellency sir.i request we venture into exploring our own natural resources both man and nature.we are richly blessed in this state.Finally request u attend to issues of bad road network through the state.

  11. Anambra state is a business area , every state come to buy one or two things from us …alot of women and youth has alot to offer..As the Assistant leader of YAGAZA I want the governor to give me opportunity to work with the frist lady or let me say work with the woman and the youth to achieve a new mind set before we can get a better tomorrow..

  12. 1: Road construction: the state of roads in Anambra state is terrible, pot holes everywhere.

  13. I want his excellence to look at infrastructure across the local government, expecially Awka North has been denied the dividend of democracy.

  14. I want soludo to concentrate fully on the touting activities in Onitsha metropolis, Oba,Obosi and okpoko.

  15. 1. Increase Anambra IGR.
    2. Tackle insecurity in the state.
    3. Fix all the bad roads in Anambra.
    4. Construct fly overs at strategic junctions in our major towns; Awka, Ekwulobia, Nnewi and Onitsha.
    Consider redesigning the three fly overs in Awka.
    5.Attract and retain manufacturers.
    6. Work with FG and NNPC to get gas pipe line network in our manufacturing hubs.

  16. To send the agberos to anyamelum and orumba for rice cultivation , I will be more than happy if he chooses this part, the park and internal revenue of the state ends in a few elite pockets

  17. I know that the Governor elect spoke exhaustively about his proposed programme for Anambra State if elected. The electorate believed and trusted him and subsequently gave him the mandate.
    Do you mean that the data you intend to collect will form the fulcrum of his professed programme for our home land?. No, because he already has a game-changing Programme that the citizens believe will do so much to change the economic landscape.
    Following the above, please permit me to observe that this exercise amounts to avoidable drama and I dare say, may be distracting for the new Governor.
    If he remains focused through out the first tenure, as some of us pray that God gives him the unction to do, he would not only have succeeded in changing the equation for governance in Nigeria, but would set Anambra apart from other states in Nigeria.
    I come in peace and may God bless our home land, Anambra state
    Sincere Regards
    Chuma Ngini

  18. Get rid of all the ‘Agboros’, touts off our roads n parks… Fix our roads as well.

  19. Apart from dismantling all the illegal revenue agents in all the markets in the state which the Obiano’s administration has been using for self enrichment, Soludo should revisit all the crisis in town development unions which are so rampant under the outgoing commissioner Greg Obi and which were due to impunity in cahoots with some godfather influence under the Obiano government.

  20. 1. To stop all this people extorting money at every market and junction illegally it is now worst than ever imagine.
    2. Nkwelle Ezunaka is in a big mess the rich is oppressing the poor and even sending them to prison only governor will interven.
    3. Roads that leads from nkwelle Ezunaka to building material and agric link road to toll gate.

  21. Stop touts and armed robbers from terrorising us in Anambra.

    Build and maintain our roads.

  22. 1,I will like his Excellency to stop some contacts like keke and shuttle tax collecting to individuals, that is what brought this killings in awka mostly.
    2, Since his Excellency like locally made things, can he enforce this four subjects to be teach in our local language believe you me anambra will over take Japan, physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology.
    3, He should also focus on road network most especially anambra west and ayamelum LGA thanks.

  23. To bring sanity and decency to revenue collection system in our state (de -radicalize the touts).

    To properly design,build and maintain our roads(all drainages should be sealed with concrete slabs).

    To overhaul or restructure the waste management system in our state.

  24. To STOP and do AWAY with touts(agboro) in our dear state.
    Honestly that’s the only best thing Soludo can do for common Anambrarians

  25. He should please construct umueze Anam – Nzam road which have abandoned since the creation of anambra state

  26. To invest in human capital development and capital projects bcos they the means for any other forms of development you can ever experience

  27. Governor Soludo must sit with the president and CDS, discuss on the option of deploying special forces in Anambra state, not the mass produced ones, but the real ones from 72 ,111 Sf battalion & NNSBS, with full protected mobility and air support.
    He must put the fear of god in this so called UGM, IPOB & ESN, he will liase with DSS for intel gathering on their locations.
    Finally, once they are decimated, he should re-assemble Peter Obi’s AVS and expand their capabilities, he should also put together a well mobilized police force as Quick response once AVS is overwhelmed of DSS comes up with credible intelligence.
    Make no mistakes, there is no development without security.

  28. You are evil person state that is peaceful u want to bring war on it so u want what is happening imo State to start happening in Anambra,hope uzodimma that has arm ,DSS and airforce has he win the war instand every day kill in his state we don’t need arm in our state, Anambra is peaceful state

  29. Most importantly your excellency, the state council needs to be in strict and capable hands. Then from them, the listed below can be achieved.

    1. A well planned and structured road networks. Apart from the major roads and government area, our streets need good road placements too. Well connected and articulate with road signs plus proper gutter drainage systems. The present is terrible and just death traps.

    2. Security. There are way too many touts this days and they need to be taken off the streets and disarmed including some forcemen… A majority are not qualified.

    3. Waste management. Sooner than later without proper waste management, Anambra will turn to be a dung ground. The streets are way too dirty and needs immediate attention. Introduce waste bins in every corner of the streets, 100 foots away from each other… It will make a difference coupled with adequate disposals from the assigned authorities. Again, sign up a bill for abandoned cars by the streets to be disposed off too. Please help us to keep our streets clean I beg you.

    4. Electricity. I believe that with at least 90% of daily power supply will boost every sector of the State and so add to the opportunity of enhancing more job creations which are beneficial to the occupants of the state and also the economy of the state too. Many jobs just don’t strive due to the lack of power supply and the cost of constant fuel consumption.

    5. Public transportation. If possible for the government to introduce way bigger public buses than the Current Napep and razor sharp buses. The number of Napeps in the state today are 2x the number of the occupants of the state which amount to nuisance, armed robbery, road congestion/traffic and many more. Its ridiculous! If only a few bigger buses to run on major roads and a minimal number of shuttle buses to run on streets should take effect, it will create a huge difference in getting our roads cluster free.

    *There are many more but these listed above needs maximum and immediate attention. Thank you*

  30. His excellency, you need a vibrant state executive council those that will set the same punishment for their children and family members nobody should be above the law

    1. A well planned and structured road networks especially in the communities that has not benefited before like Umuomaku, Enugu Umuonia, Oneh so that their farm produce can be brought to major markets.

    2. Decentralization of the major markets building and opening up of new and well planned ones in areas where there is vast land land like between Ezira and Umuomaku where you have over 200 hectares of virgin land

    3. We need an organized public transportation system to ease movement within the state.

    4. Proper waste management system that will clean up the streets, market places etc.

    5. Eradication of touts from major roads and put in place a good revenue generation mechanism in place so that touts will stop short changing the the government.

    6. Engage an independent electricity distribution company in Anambra for easy industrialization of the state in every area of development.

    7. Improve the standard of Education in the public and mission schools in the state to be able to compete with the private schools.

    8. Build an artisan traning center where entrepreneurial skills will be acquired by the indigenes of the state who want to acquire certain specialized skills training

  31. He should issue Certificate of Occupancy to every land in okpoko and map out fund for housing in the area

  32. 1. Security
    2. Education
    3. Power supply
    4. Waste management
    5. Building of roads
    6. Ease of doing business on Anambra.
    7. Development

  33. Am pleading to governor and brother soludo to please have plan on our road leading from amaesi akpo and ogboji the road is no go area

  34. To fix Amansea road leading to Oba-ofemili and the express, as people over there are suffering seriously.

  35. To Optimize and upgrade our health institutions to reduce health tourism to other states in the country. To also improve health workers welfare and inducements to improve job satisfaction in our healthcare facilities.

  36. Give awka a Capital look by building all the roads in Awka with a Solid look

  37. One may not be able to bring the necessary change unless one is in it. I need to be in the Government team to affect the change that I and every other person are clamoring for in Anambra. I will like the Government of Soludo to, first of all, work towards changing the mindsets of the people, ensuring that laws and institutions are protected. Every other thing will fall in.

    Soludo needs to have a balanced mix of personnel that might be appointed to various offices in the state. By this, I mean those in Nigeria and those from abroad who might be able to provide different ways of doing things. I should be one of those from abroad, having lived in the UK for 33 years now, acquired experience and character would wish to serve my people. I, therefore, need Soludo’s Transition Team to contact me. I have filled out the required online form where I provided my details and resume. Thanks.

  38. For me, the work before Mr. Governor are enormous. He became a governor when the state was grossly unsecured. He should focus on solving the insecurity situation in the state but should not allow it to derail his mission and purpose. Awka, the capital city, Onitsha and Nnewi should be give a first class master design in road network with workable flyover and underground runways to reduce the ever increasing traffic in these road which invariably reduces the life span of it’s users. The flyover bridge @aroma , Kwata and Amawbia junctiond need to be pulled down irrespective of the huge amounts used in fixing them because they lack design features in totality, creating more problem than meant to solve. Eke Awka roundabout is a huge problem to passers-by whether by foot, tricycle or vehicle. Expansion of the road and rebuilding the entire market to make way for easy assessment cannot be derailed further. New parts junction along the express road, Ogidi, also need a well designed flyover and underground runways reminiscent of what was done and is been done in Kano state. The Zik roundabout need to be replaced, remodelled and rebuilt to reduce the traffic hold up on that route. Nkpor, Abatete and Oye Agu junctions junction should also receive the same treatment. Nnewi should be given a serious attention wrt her road network if we want to upgrade it more as an international market and industrial hub of the state. With portable road designs, development and other infrastructures can easily take off. Electricity is paramount to development of any state or nation. Finding a way to give the state an uninterrupted electricity supply is one sure step to position the state for greatness.

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