June 2, 2023


  1. The man Cheif Sam Anyanwutaku(oputaobie) and we call him (Ome-okachie)who take delight in helping the poor in every community irrespective of your class or family background.He is not tribalistic in whatever that he does in the cause of helping the poor, which gave him this name (Oputaobie) in our community.If there is anything he hate most is burying the poor ones, do not cheat, dont be dishonest, do not boost, to mention but a few, there fore he is more than worthy to be peace ambassador even for Nigeria

    1. Chief (Sir) Sam Anyanwutaku is in deed a man of peace. His humility is unparalleled. He’s a visionary leader with in depth wisdom laced with sincerity. We’re proud of him.

  2. Chief (Sir) Sam Anyanwutaku ‘s personality is
    Humility pa excellence, a man of few words and an achiever.
    A man of PEACE who also believes in God his maker.
    Omeokachie/ Oputaobie as he is popularly called is an epitome of peace.

  3. Chief Sir Sam Anyanwutaku is everything that has been said about him and more. He has high value for family and loves that everyone around him to grow just as he has. His speech voice alone is a soother to the ears so I’m not surprised a bit when I saw this award presented to him. All will do well to take him as a morale standard to meet.

    1. There are no two people like Sam Anyawuntaku in the whole of Anambra and beyond, gentle man to the core, lover of God. May God continue to preserve you, and fill you with His peace. Congratulations šŸŽŠ sir!

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