June 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “I’ve Toured The World For Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems – Obi

  1. I have always believed that mr.obi is the solution to Nigerias problems.
    Mr obi,please can you make the issue of cost of governance your first priority? Senators salary and other lawmakers don’t make sense in a a country with a minimum wage of 10,000.00 naira.

  2. I trust His Excellency Peter Obi will do all these and better. He will do excellently well. The work he did in Anambra state is being enjoyed till now.

    The things I need for my business to grow faster is constant electricity,
    Reduce the cost of import duties on cars, housing materials, healthproducts, food and drinks.
    Reduce cost of governance.
    Make doing business easier by giving out funds for businesses as grant.
    Make teaching job and farming attractive by increasing the compensation benefits by 500%.

  3. I am from the North and believe we should allow everyone have a chance irrespective of tribe or religion

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