June 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Gunmen Attack Agulu Town Hall

  1. I’ve strong belief that these purported gunmen are not igbos. These gunmen must be mercenaries designed to mate out mayhem and annihilation of Igbo tribe. We must resist them by intelligent gathering. They are not killing for the interest of Igbo tribe. Igbos are not use to spilling human blood. The worst you can do that have perpetual repercussion in life is spilling human blood.

    A kingdom that raise up against each other are bound to fail. If these gunmen are igbos they are not doing any thing good to our people. If the gunmen slaughters 30 cows belonging to our brother is an economic attack. We cannot attack ourselves.

    1. These guys are Igbos. They speak our language. We should not continue to live in self denial

  2. It’s been said severally that while these criminals are igbos, they are not from Anambra state but from other states under the government of APC. One then wonders why they should leave their states to come to cause mayhem in Anambra state under the guise of enforcing Monday sit at home while their states go about their normal businesses on Mondays.

    That makes them criminals who are out to sabotage the state government for some sinister reasons.

    Lilu town where I come from is under the control of these UGM from these states different from Anambra and the government is aware of that fact.

    Claiming that they are fighting for the release of MNK is a ruse for criminality because MNK is not being held in Anambra state & the governor is in sync with the efforts to have him released asap.

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