April 1, 2023

6 thoughts on “Anambra State Govt Plans Rail Line To Link 21 LGAs

  1. This is not what we need now. Let’s fix our dilapidated roads. We can still get by by road. Rails are not profitable. Let’s embark on stuff that will create jobs.

  2. My Governor start with hospitals, and electricity and make all the school in Anambra State look like schools in Europe and water, factory’s so people can get jobs,go and fix ogbunike cave for tourism so that Anambra State can be generate money there and also work hard and see the way they can release Namdi Kano he can stop the insecurity in the East

  3. Whatever project the state wants to embark on must have a Project Charter signed off by a sponsor and Project Manager appointed with a comprehensive Project Management Plan covering all/required Knowledge Areas and Process Groups.

  4. This is a good idea but it should not be of high priority for the state now. A lot of graduates are jobless. There is food scarcity everywhere in the state. Therefore, any capital intensive project in the state now, whether sponsored solely by the state government or with partners, should be geared towards job creation and food production.

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