May 30, 2023

5 thoughts on “Teachers Recruitment: What Commissioner of Education Said Following Crash of website

  1. I was on the website both on my smart phone and laptop thirty minutes before the time but was knocked out few minutes after eleven. I guess some pre arrangement were made on whom to give access.

  2. *Today’s Report on Anambra Teachers Recruitment- Ogbaru LGA Anambra state 4/6/22*
    My name is Comr. Chibuzor v Aghaeze with I.D number AN/TR/22/00694.. I’m pleading with Honourable commissioner of Education Prof. Ngozi C to hear our humble cry that the good people of ogbaru and Anambrians who are committed and willing to serve our dear state counter some challenges during the online intake examination.
    More than 150 person assembled @ Emmanuel castle hall close to Atani police station with the help of *Hon. Somto Udenze* who provided some systems to write the exam…
    The problems we encounters include
    1. Poor network to the site
    2. No optional site to log in
    3. The stipulated time for the exam is less.
    Plz, my *Honourable commissioner prof. Ngozi* *chuma* use your good heart to help us out
    Comr. Aghaeze C

  3. I was having 2 smart phones and I left my house to a place that has a high reception. By 9:56am, I was on the site waiting eagerly for the exam. The timer was busy moving but I couldn’t log in even with the 2 phones. So frustrating. I kept on trying until around 11:51am.

  4. I wrote and submitted the exam successfully. I did not bribe anyone, I don’t even have any connections as to who to bribe, nor do I have money to brine someone. There were network challenges, but I did submit successfully.

  5. Honorable Commissioner, we please that you give us another chance to write the test.🙏 We were at a renowned cyber cafe at old road Nkpor, seated and logged into the site at 10:50am as instructed. We were looking at the count down to start exam. Once it counted 00:00, we all clicked ‘Start Exam’ but it hung and couldn’t login again. We did everything possible to make it work but we could not. We were more than 20 persons there but none of us wrote the exam. We plead that you use your good office to hear our plea and address the situation. 🙏

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