March 23, 2023

1 thought on “How My Mum Died Of Cancer After Visiting Adeboye, Other Nigerian Pastors – Dora Akunyili (Watch Video)

  1. Seek the Lord while he may be found call upon him while he’s still near.
    Dr Dora Akunyilis Cancer wasn’t ordinary.
    It was as a result of Revenge from Criminals who felt offended by her NAFDAC restrictions in their Business.
    As for sowing seeds and seeing men of God,it’s not when you’re half dead you start running after men of God.Make out time now to start praying for your self and family so that those things don’t come.
    If you allow them to finish you.,B4 you start Praying Men of God are not Magicians.
    They can only Pray if God wants to heal you then it’s your luck,if he decides not to you can’t Question him.
    Some people go to many evil places to make pact with the devil and when the devil turned against them they run to church and when they die they say men of God are fake.A friend always mocked me and my prayers,one day she got late stage cancer.she visited 50 prophets who collected money to pray for her, she still died at the end.

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