March 23, 2023

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Soludo Demolishes Odumeje’s Church This Morning(Watch Video)

  1. Message to Chukwuma Charles Soludo
    Am using this media to write to Anambra state government to withdraw his men from demolishing the property belonging to intervention ministry, prophet chukwuemeka odumeje (founder)
    What you should be fighting now; is to create security, job empowerment, on how to better Anambra and not a demolishing state.
    Rt Charles Anwah.

  2. This is misplaced priority & executive lawlessness as far as I am concerned!! Where was the govt when the church was being erected? Were the owners of the affected buildings carried along in this exercise & how will they be compensated? Soludo should take it easy please!!

  3. Excellent development! Enough of the arrant lawlessness. All illegal structures in the state should be demolished with immediate effect. The government can consider offering compensations to those who were tricked into obtaining the illegal land spaces. Chukwu dube gi, Prof!

  4. Why was Odumeje roughly manhandled? . Why was his church building demolished with all the furnitures, air conditioners and other hardwares intact?. Was he Duly notified to at least salvage some of his belongings before demolition?
    Was beating part of their mandate?
    The actions of the task force officials were too barbaric for my liking.

    1. Do you think he wasn’t notified before the commencement of the demolition?
      Since March 15th 2022, he failed to relocate nor reach an agreement with the government, rather he apparently he deemed himself untouchable.

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