February 8, 2023

1 thought on “Four Anambra Brands That Will Take Over Nigeria Soon 

  1. It gladdens my heart reading this story. It’s a highly commendable strategy, a re-awakening of former governor Ezeife’s Think Home Philosophy.
    There is need to spread this campaign to permeate the strata of Igbo business society. We cannot continue to site our strategic, heavy investments and properties on hostile grounds outside Igboland or claim to be major distributors to industries in other regions when we have the capacity and capability to produce such items in the South East.
    As Nigeria is not yet a true federation, the risk of abandoned property still abounds. There is therefore need to carryout risk assessment studies before industries are sited to reduce exposure. If I may ask, how many Southwest or Northern investor has industries in the Southeast? Dangote has factories in the South South, Southwest, North central and Northern parts of Nigeria, but non in the Southeast. Instead, he prefers to open sales outlets in the Southeast.
    Ammasco International, a major player in the base oil import and lube blending business in Nigeria would truck his imported base oil stock from Lagos, Calabar and other parts of South South to his mega blending plant in Kano. For another northerner A.A Rano, who happens to be the biggest independent player in the white products distribution business in Nigeria, anybody that wants to do business with his company must visit his head office in Kano, not Lagos, Warri or Port Harcourt.
    Our Southeast governors, on the other hand, should encourage this think home philosophy through provision of enabling environment such as roads, security, tax holiday, and captive power infrastructure which happens to be the second major CAPEX and OPEX items after equipment and raw materials respectively. It is worthy of note that we cannot run a profitable and competitive production venture on diesel powered electricity generating sets as diesel is neither cheap nor clean!
    I could be contacted for more information on captive power generation for industrial clusters.

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