September 28, 2023

2 thoughts on “Anambra Billionaire orders N60 billion luxury jet

  1. Congratulations, we are proud of such a go-getter. “However, individual wealth impoverishes a nation, but national wealth enriches all citizens” why would we be making much noice when the whole Africa and particularly Nigeria has no long term economic plans? In a wise society every citizen goes to bed well fed, to school on government protection. Look at middle east in the 60s all the gulf states are deserts, but today they rejects our green passport. 60 years after independence, we still depends on chines and Indians..why. wickedness,

    May Obijackson lean back and copy Benjamin Franklin, and other America economic lords to chat a way forward for indigent Africans.

    Rise up stealthily, with other supper billionaires like him and use off shore African nation or Caribbeans to launch an economic agenda that will be an economic haven and a hubub” for African economic emmancipation!! Is not a rocket science. “Stealthily” before our dear brother counts 123… the company is in NYSE, DAX , NASDAC. I may be wrong

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