December 3, 2022

4 thoughts on “UNIZIK Appoints Man who Finished Secondary School at the Age of 38, Professor

  1. I lived with Prof. Emenike for ten years. He also doubled as my cousin. Good man. Profesor P.I. Emenike believes so much in education. I learned this phrase from him: **A quitter never gets and a getter never quits** His principles run in tandem with that of Napoleon Hills “Think and Grow Rich” Prof. Is a hardened student of Napoleon Hill and he made sure to tailor his life’s principles to run along side the 17 success principles as set out in Hills books. A man of unique character. I can go on and on all day long enumerating his sterling qualities.

    Then again, to think that all this accomplishments were done at a later age. And, by that i meant that he never started education like his peers. PROF. Emenike had blazed the trails in Business, motivational speaking, Philantropism, community service and the like.

    Chief Odenigbo Sir, I salute your never-say-die spirit. I salute your indefatigable work ethic. A businessman per excellence. I am glad that our paths crossed in life. I am glad mostly that we are blood. I have learned so much from you. I apologize that i may have disppointed you in spite of your repeated and relentless admonitions trying to get me back into the classroom. I appreciate that about you so much Chief.

    Finally, need I mention your generousity towards us all your nuclear family? And for years too. Need I mention personally your journey with me for six solid years? Being there for me and my family in times of strife? Folks say to me, do not comment, or when you do, never mention his goodness towards you and yours, I asked why? They said, he is your bro. It is what he is supposed to be doing and i said, nah, that is not true, there is no hard and fast that dictated that stessing that he is natirally a giver, a doer, a go-getter. Chief, I will ride with you until i depart this consciouness. Thank you for everything Sir.

    May God continue to bless you with great health, immense wisdom. May you continue in this path of greatness, public spirited services and your giving nature. I am always cheering for you, no doubt.

    All the best Sir. Keep riding. God is on the throne and, as far as this is remains, the dky is your limits.

    God bless you my one and true brother…a man i can count on when the going gets rough.

    Truly, you are what i dubbed you in decaes now…enigma. Yes you are and rightly so. ENIGMA!!

  2. Dr. Emenike, now professor has been a good friend and generous person whose philanthropic activities in our community is in alarming state.
    Big congratulations to my dear brother.
    Well, I’ve personally known him more than as I stated above but some of my worries about him has been his involvement in Nanka community politics. He was one of the sponsors of the controversial 2011 community constitution of NPU.
    He was a major player in the reasons for sacrilegious traditional activities in Nanka community by the actors.
    The community couldn’t celebrate their late traditional ruler’s last offala simply because of his birthday. He pleaded with the royal family that his birthday fell in same date and because he would want to be present, the intended Offala date was shifted for him and he later after the birthday celebration, joined the opposition, who celebrated at another village far away from late igwe’s palace the sacrilegious Offala while the body of late igwe was still in the morgue, in not accepting the new Offala date.
    He was a major sponsor of selecting/electing new community igwe against traditional ruler’s rules and the state governor’s adviser on chieftaincy affairs advice not to carry out Offala celebration while the late igwe was still in the morgue.
    When the royal family became further aggrieved, he couldn’t show any sympathy but openly seen in strong support of their actions which could have simply brought anarchy in the community.
    The royal family being civilized, kept defending their writ of summon. He supported the dethronement of late igwe G N Ofomata while he was still alive on the throne by joining the ambitious elements in their prayers with the court which says a living igwe family can’t answer royal family. That means that government certified HRH G N Ofomata whose father and grand father were igwe, can’t answer royal family. What a world?
    I strongly believe he can still broker an unbiased and acceptable/sustainable community peace because being very influential in the community, he can still be harkened to.
    Again, congratulations brother.

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