September 26, 2023

2 thoughts on “Five Institutions That Contributed To Obiano’s Failure

  1. Amen,
    You said it all , let ndi Anambra borrow common sense. Individualism can never give us progress .

  2. It’s unfortunate situation.
    But the blame goes not only to the above mentioned groups, but also to generally of Anambralians , including you and me-the intellectuals and professionals.
    We are too lazy to analyse issues s, make constructive comments on how best to deliver quality services and, produbcts and improvements in
    Same in communities, where the traditional rulers and PGs behave like Collossus.
    It is time for educated in the State, and towns open their eyes, educate the masses to vote in in only people of character, who are humble.
    We can be part of the change team.

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