June 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “26 year Old Trashit Boss Advises Soludo on the Way to go About Waste Management in the State

  1. Waste management is indeed a vital aspect of environmental health. There’s a lot to it, TRASHit proves capable of tackling this. I have known and benefited from this idea in my area. Little is not enough, it needs to spread out and out.
    Let’s curb indiscriminate waste disposal, it is with TRASHit

  2. This few points would give an amiable solution in relation to his already lay down plans for ndi Anambra.
    Moreso, the SME system provided above would help to engage the youth in mass. This is because the labour required for waste management can never be exhausted. I

  3. TRASHit is indeed a wonderful organization I have known and thus far, like said, if given the opportunity and support to expand across the state, I believe it will not only curb indiscriminate waste but also be a leading example across the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

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