September 27, 2023

1 thought on “Family Cries for Justice, As Vigilante Operatives Torture Man to Death in Nanka, Anambra

  1. Why will people always turn story’s to a different thing blc of hatred you have for one person that is out to make the committee a crimeless not from Nanka but with the information I hard and confirm from people around the area is not what is written here.the only place which I to blame the vigilant is by allowing them to be there more than one day blc they are not police.if not for the vigilant group, crimes in Nanka will be much to control even by police.they brought peace to the committee but just a mistake that can happen to anyone out there just blc they have never been putting to order b4 now on how to investigate a matter and period of time to keep a suspect in there custody.

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