June 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “Soyinka Protests Killing Of Harira and 4 Kids,Cancels Anambra School Engagement

  1. What a bloody Hypocrite and a slave if Fulani terrorists!
    He’s in their pocket that’s why he cannot even use his commonsense to put the clear dots together to see that the same Fulani savages did the killing in order to shift attention from the series of Terrors and horrors in the North, from Sokoto, Kano, Abuja, Bauchi etc..!
    These sycophants and blinded hypocrites will continue to focus of any bad News from Biafra territory to jump into their ranting galore!

  2. The killing happened in May and the supposed event he wanted to attend will hold in August – about three months away! This does not tally at all. He is only being hypocritical! Some of us know him already as someone that is partial in his responses to national issues since 2014! Whether he comes to Anambra state or not, it makes no difference.

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