April 1, 2023

1 thought on “Names of 14 Internet Fraud Suspects Arrested in Awka by EFCC

  1. Please leave this people alone, do they steal your money? create Job for the people and stop frustrating the youth, after many years in the university the government will not consider its citizens as worthy of employment, it’s very shameful, personally I graduated from 2 universities with two degrees you cannot give me teaching appointment instead you replace the vacant with your unborn children, people who are not specialized for the job. you see a 60 to 70 old cargoes still occupying the offices , instead of retirement they will sworn affidavit of age and still remain baby, leave them alone, and stop being jealous to them unless if the fraud is on our people but if it’s on the white leave them alone, you will not beat a child and tell him not to cry

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